Patient Care Coordinator

In a plastic surgery practice, the patient care coordinator is answers questions, helps to explain procedures, offers guidance and support, and schedules your surgery dates.  This person will quote fees for your procedure and give you the information you need both before and after surgery, so that you are fully prepared, equipped, and comfortable.  Feel free to direct your questions and concerns to the patient coordinator, who is here to tend to the details of your entire experience with the practice.

Medical Aesthetician

The medical aesthetician administers anti-aging treatments, procedures that include facials, chemical peels, exfoliations and light-based treatments under the doctor’s supervision.  An aesthetician evaluates your skin and recommends pharmaceutical grade skin care products that repair some of the effects of aging and overexposure to the sun.  If you are having a surgical procedure, the aesthetician will make sure you are preparing your skin with the right self-care regimen and products beforehand and using the best protective and camouflage products afterward. If you are scheduled for facial surgery, this person will guide you in the use of makeup to effectively protect and enhance your appearance during your recovery.


Our receptionist is here to greet you when you call or visit our office.  This person will assist you, answer general questions, and make sure you are directed to the person you need to speak with next.  The receptionist can also handle appointment scheduling and distribution of patient education materials.


A plastic surgical nurse cares for you during and after your procedure.  This nurse will assist the doctor during your exam and during surgery and will be in the recovery room following your procedure to monitor your vital signs.  Before and after surgery, the nurse will be present to answer any medical questions you have, and will be there to assist the doctor during your follow-up visits.  Feel free to ask our nurse questions about preparing for surgery, medications, and what you can expect after surgery to ensure an optimal recovery.

Office Manager

The office manager can handle with questions pertaining to insurance coverage, payment plans, or other related financial matters.

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